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About us


The International Professional Locksmith Association(IPLA) Consists of leading American and European Education experts in online professional courses. We at IPLA gather locksmiths from all over the world in order to provide them with practical updates and useful information to deepen their knowledge and professionalism.

IPLA brings you the Locksmith courses. With this knowledge and background in mind the cutting edge technologies Locksmith courses have developed. Among in this area we are also offering , tools , machines , and updated Locksmith system protecting your privacy in house /home / office and public places .

IPLA offer you an innovative online teaching methodology covering the most professional updated courses in more the 30 categories of locksmith products. You can study in your free time with your own private teacher , which is fully dedicated to your availability.

Having your own teacher, makes you fully independent to decide your time , rhythm of studying ,and quality of your studying methodology! reap table lessons, easy to exercise, time window to follow your tempo easy studying !

In just 60 hours of studying you can become a locksmith professional. Our professional staff will be available for you on any question, advice, and provide the solution during your study time.

Our locksmith courses will allow you to acquire a profession, in addition to your current occupation! or enable you to change your occupation and career.
It can be a part time job as an additional occupation! or a full time job, that can bring you income of over $12,500 a month! Your destiny is in your hands! 






Through my business, I have been providing services to customers since 1986 and have been a professional locksmith for over 30 years. My sales turnover from a single locksmith store (from locksmith services alone) exceeds USD 90,000 a month.


Me, my wife and our seven children's


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My other activities include the locksmith training course, manufacture of locksmith tools, marketing of locks to stores and locksmiths as well as marketing of remote controls for alarms. I am also involved in other projects and would be happy to discuss them with you.

If you are interested in becoming a locksmith, let me say that you can learn the profession on your own. However, it will take you almost 20 years to reach the same professional level and have the type of professional knowledge I have in the field of locksmithing.


What’s more, you would need to invest approximately 200,000 USD (the time I invested in studies and money invested over the years).

I am pleased to offer you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study with me and learn what I know. I will hold nothing back! It will cost much less than 200,000 USD and take far less than ten years.
Niels Bohr once said, “An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes which can be made, in a narrow field.” The real trick, though, is to learn how to avoid repeating the same mistakes. I learned the hard way and want to teach you how to navigate the pitfalls.

Of course, you could come to my store and learn to be a locksmith through one-on-one training or learn at home, receive your certificate and start earning. Register for this unique course and find work and good income. Take a one-on-one course or the full e-learning course. You can also combine the two programs, studying on your own over the Internet and meeting with a locksmith from time to time.

Register now and receive the course for the very low price of USD 1,997!
I look forward to being your teacher,
Boaz Femson


» To register for the online course, click here: What does it cost?


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