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The Entry Time Test


I conducted a comprehensive test of a large variety cylinders installed in reinforced doors such as Superlock, Rav Zro'ot, Mul-T-Lock, Reshafim and other doors installed in homes and offices across Israel.


Professional locksmiths can open doors quickly, with minimal damage. We tested several drills recognized by professional locksmiths as ideal for entry services and measured their drill times as well as how long it took for the cylinder to open. Until now, we used the drills listed in the table, but results unquestionably show that Alpen's new drill bits reduce entry time, drilling faster into even thick rosettes installed before the cylinders in reinforced doors that are not easily broken with a screwdriver. The results are listed below.
The cylinders tested are:

  1. Magnum, with dimple key
  2. 16-pin Magnum
  3. Yardeni dimple key
  4. Linca dimple key
  5. Mul-T-Lock classic
  6. Mul-T-Lock Superlock Profile 08
  7. Mul-T-Lock Interactive cylinder
  8. Mul-T-Lock super cylinder
  9. 7x7 cylinder

Alba dimple
At the end of the day, our findings showed that Austrian-manufactured Alpen drills and drill bits performed the best and were the quickest on the job.
Drilling was performed on vises, with particularly high quality drill.
When entering a customer's home, you should include the time required to remove the rosette as part of the overall time.
The type of cylinder, the best drill until the cylinder opened


 Magnum cylinder with dimple key    1 minute
 12 seconds
 Magnum 16-pin cylinder    3 minutes
 37 seconds
 Yardeni dimple cylinder    1 minute
48 seconds
 Linca hole cylinder


 2 minutes
36 seconds
 Classic Mul-T-Lock cylinder


 3  minutes 66 seconds
 Mult-T-Lock Superlock cylinder profile 08


 2 minutes
58 seconds
 Mutl-T-Lock interactive cylinder    2 minutes
49 seconds
 7x7 cylinder    46 seconds
 Alba dimple cylinder    54 seconds
 Thick anti-drill rosette    2 minutes
19 seconds


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