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List of lessons


1. Opening Old-Generation Mul-T-Lock Locks



2. Opening Locked Cars


3. Opening a Mul-T-Lock Door that Has Slammed Shut


4. Opening a Locked High-Security (Mul-T-Lock) Door



5. Changing a Cylinder in a High-Security (Mul-T-Lock) Door


6. Changing a Mechanism in a High-Security (Mul-T-Lock) Door



7. Opening a Locked Wooden Door

8. Familiarizing Yourself with Mul-T-Lock Keys



9. Opening a Locked Metal Door



10. Changing a Cylinder or Lock on a Regular Door (Wood/Metal)





11. Changing a Car Switch


12. Changing Car Locks




13. Replacing Lost Car Keys (Rekeying)




14. Replacing Keys for Mul-T-Lock Cylinders (Rekeying)




15. Replacing Keys for Regular Cylinders (Rekeying)




16. Duplicating Electronic Transponder Keys for Cars with an Immobilizer




17. Duplicating Car Alarm Remote Controls



18. Duplicating a Lost Car Alarm Remote




19. Cracking Safes



20. Duplicating Standard Keys


21. Duplicating Car Keys


22. Duplicating Keys for Safes




23. Duplicating Keys for Chicago Locks


24. Duplicating Grooved Keys for the Home and Car




25. Duplicating Mul-T-Lock Keys




26. Duplicating Dimple Keys




27. Duplicating Axira, Ford and Magnum Nail Keys.



28.Rekeying Grooved Car Keys and Bumping Grooved Locks




29. Duplicating Keys for Axira Cylinders


30. Welding a Hook Lock on a Mul-T-Lock for Steel Doors and Gates


31. Picking a New-Generation Mul-T-Lock in a Welded Hook Lock




32. Picking a Car Lock by Bumping


33. Transplanting Car Remotes






34. Duplicating Electric Gate Remotes



35. Installing a Deadbolt Lock in a Door





36. Mounting Hook Locks on Armored Rings on Aluminum Door


37. Changing the Code in a Mul-T-Lock Lock




38. Installing a Deadbolt Lock in Doors





39. Installing a Mechanical Code Lock




40. Making a Master Lock







41. Opening a Slammed Wooden Door  




42. Twelve Tips on How to Be a Successful Locksmith  





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