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The International Professional Locksmith Association

The International Professional Locksmith Association
The International Professional Locksmith Association
(IPLA) was founded and registered – by the locksmith Boaz Femson on September 27th 2010.  
We at IPLA gather locksmiths from all over the world in order to provide them with practical updates and useful information to deepen their knowledge and professionalism.


1. To found an association that will enable the IPLA members to share and exchange information and thus expand the knowledge and tools available to them. 
2. To publicize a list of the IPLA members. These members will offer a decent, responsible and immediate service. The IPLA will also serve as a place for public complaints and recommendations. 
3. To create a purchasing group of locksmiths. The IPLA members will be able to acquire locks, and other tools at a discount, that will eventually roll over to the customers of our members. 
4. The Director of the IPLA will review and approve the candidates. Locksmiths that are found suitable to join will receive a certificate of an authorized locksmith. The procedure is intended to protect the public from professionals who are not registered locksmiths, which may provide an amateurish and sloppy service. 
5. The IPLA will provide the members with the most updated and relevant information about innovations in the locks and systems territory, protection for houses and vehicles manufacturers worldwide. 
6. Locksmiths receiving the highest number of recommendations will be awarded with a Certificate of Appreciation, and by that encouraging a responsible professional behavior.
The IPLA promotes and welcomes locksmiths who mastered the trade and have gained expertise over the years. We also accept Locksmiths who learned their trade at a well-known institution, and will be reviewed by the Director of The IPLA.


Graduation Diploma


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