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Igal's recommendation.


Yossi's recommendation.


Daniel's recommendation.


Lou's recommendation.


On May 11, 2011 I purchased the on-line Locksmithing course from Boaz Femson in order to learn the trade; if you want to learn to be a Locksmith you won’t be sorry. After I studied with Boaz , an outstanding, amazing teacher, via his internet based course, his patience and straight-forward attitude both over the phone and during sessions at his store deserve the highest marks. Boaz doesn’t just teach Locksmithing; he teaches you how to work in order to earn a good, honest living.

I must say that I am entranced – after seeing the instructional video clips that Boaz prepared I thought that it was a bluff. Is it this easy to open a safe or a lock? When I practiced what I learned I found out that it was all true and good – amazing! Boaz taught me how to earn a living with a trade that I enjoy and feel good about.

I encourage you to stop by and I will tell you how my earnings increased after I met Boaz. Feel free to contact me and ask my opinion about the Locksmithing trade and specifically about Boaz’s Locksmithing course. I have graphs showing my earnings before and after I met Boaz. The man has no qualms about sharing his decades of experience with you so that you will succeed and all for an unbeatable, low price which is well worth it. Yoram Elharrar.



My name is Inon Albertal:


I have an ongoing Sun-Shade service business (7 years now) including installation and maintenance. For years after providing service to a residence or business clients ask me if I know a Locksmith who can fix the door, change the lock, fix the safety bars on the window etc. All the while the idea of learning the Locksmithing trade in order to upgrade my servicing abilities was stewing in my head.

Two years ago I decided to take the step and find a Locksmithing course. I enrolled in a course which was given at a recommended school, paid $1800 and started studying to be a “Locksmith Technician”. After completing the course and receiving a “Locksmith Technician” certificate I realized that I knew nothing…

At most they sat us down in pairs across from each other on a table with a vise. The most professional act in the course was drilling a cylinder which was done together; each one from his side. I went to clients armed with my newly earned Locksmith certificate but when I received locksmithing jobs it was clear that I was not suitably prepared: I didn’t know how to service Hosem/Shiryonit doors, didn’t know how to breach doors with a hardened rosetta against drilling and I had no idea how to approach safes aside from the little theoretical knowledge that I heard in a short lecture. When we asked why we weren’t shown actual door lock breaches we were told that “there are so many different types of doors – how can we show you all of them?”

After 1.5 years of frustration even though I am very technical and pick things up quickly I was not able to provide Locksmithing services with the knowledge that I learned from the “Locksmithing College”.

Someone referred me to Boaz Femson so I scheduled an appointment and met him at his shop in Jerusalem. Boaz was busy finishing up his “On-Line Locksmithing Course” in 12 languages which will be available around the world.

After seeing the video clips from the course I was amazed and after seeing hundreds of documents arranged by type of breach, type of lock, type of door, car model etc. I decided to enroll in the enhanced on-line course which includes 4 one-on-one hour long sessions with Boaz at his workshop.

Today I can honestly say that I am a highly qualified Locksmith who can breach any door, lock, cylinder, Multi-Lock door, reinforced locks, doors with high-security locks etc. - all this was taught by Boaz in his course. Boaz’s course was real experience with examples that you see every day. His explanations and videos are all top rate and professionally done. In comparison, the ‘Locksmithing College’ course that I did was similar to receiving a video clip about an electric tea-kettle where it shows you to turn it on by pressing the button but without actually boiling the water you can’t learn how to make tea since the explanation is theoretical only!

Feel free to contact me directly and I will be happy to share my referral with you. I wish someone had referred me to Boaz Femson earlier – I would have saved a lot of time and money.


Yinon Albertal





Dear Readers,

In 2005 I decided to study professional Locksmithing and practice my trade in the USA. It was very important to me that I learn at a reputable place so that I would be able to provide the best service possible to my clients. I checked out 4 different schools and when I met with Boaz at his store I asked to observe from the back and was very impressed by the level of professionalism and the high level of service provided. I asked to accompany Shlomi and Alon (5 years experience with Boaz) on service calls and was amazed by the ‘magic’ – car breaches, door locks opened in seconds, safe cracking, keys made from scratch and more.

Today I am a graduate of Boaz Femson’s course and I am living my dream in Dallas, Texas where I opened a Locksmith Store (my girlfriend’s home town, now she is my wife). Boaz’s Certificate hangs on the wall and is a source of pride. I am in touch with Boaz often and he updates me on news and events in the trade. I am a professional locksmith and hope to continue the success that I have enjoyed over the past 5 years.

Call me if you want to hear more.

Adi Goguan


My name is Yehuda, a computer professional and ambulance driver. I always enjoyed working with my hands so I looked into studying locksmithing in order to earn some extra money a few evenings a week. I checked out a number of schools but was not impressed with the format and classroom setting. When I walked into Boaz Femson’s shop I knew that this was the place for me. After 2 months of one-on-one studies with Boaz I can honestly say that I am a highly skilled, professional Locksmith who can open any lock, duplicate any key from scratch, open any safe, start any car whose owner lost his last set of keys etc. Since earning my Locksmith Certificate I have become a full-time Locksmith and have thoroughly enjoyed the last few years in my new trade. I thank Boaz Femson for being the great instructor that he is and for being such a positive influence on my life. 

Yehuda Earnest

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Raphael Tangi and in 2007 I had the good fortune to meet Boaz Femson. I studied with him in a comfortable, easy atmosphere to become a qualified Locksmith. I continue to receive professional support from Boaz and also buy supplies and key duplication services from him. I am very satisfied and highly recommend his course to anyone who wants to learn a good profession. Many thanks to Boaz Femson and to Shlomi, my ‘personal trainer’, both of whom taught me with lots of patience and enthusiasm.

Best of luck. Try it, you’ll like it too.


My name is Ofir Abutbul, I am 23 years old and completed my Army service 2 years ago. After working at various odd-jobs I was still not sure what I wanted to do. I was looking for an interesting profession with decent earning potential. A friend suggested Locksmithing, a trade in high demand where you can make good money. After in-depth research I discovered the ‘On-Line Locksmith Course’ by Boaz Femson, a leading Locksmith in his own right. I called Boaz and after he answered all my questions I decided to enroll in the combined on-line/limited personal lesson course.

The on-line program is very user friendly and encompasses everything from simple locks to breaching wooden, metal and high-security doors. After completing the theoretical part of the course I met with Boaz at his workshop for hands-on instruction which improved my skills and prepared me to deal with real-life situations. From my first meeting with Boaz through-out the course itself I was welcomed by a consummate professional who patiently guided me through the material and made it an enjoyable learning experience.

I would like to thank Boaz for his easy going, fair and supportive manner and for his continued attention and smile when I consult with him over the phone.

I highly recommend this course for anyone searching for an interesting and rewarding profession.

Ophir Abutbul


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