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Our locksmith online learning product

All about the locksmith job

Unlock the key to success through an innovative online locksmith course – Learn the art of locksmithing in the comfort of your own home!


Earn anywhere from USD 2,700 – USD 16,000 per month honestly in a career that promises both satisfaction and pleasure.


The course is practical!! You can learn to be a locksmith on your own computer at home, eliminating the need to commute and get stuck in traffic. Here, you can learn everything online. At the end of the course, you will be certified as a licensed locksmith by the International Association of Professional Locksmiths, and open the door to tremendous earning potential, and all by doing honest, enjoyable and gratifying work.


Enjoy your first lesson for free – a video that teaches you how to pick a Mult-T-Lock in a matter of seconds.

The first students registering for the course will receive a 57% discount.


Why should study locksmithing from you?

In my course, you will be taught locksmithing using the most advanced methods and be learning from  most experienced teacher. My staff and I will mentor you throughout the course, and even beyond. I have kept in close contact with my former students over the years to make sure that they market themselves properly, buy locks and equipment at attractive prices and are on the right course to guaranteed success.


My online locksmith course will save you time, money and hassle. No more lengthy commuting several days a week. Online study is about studying at your convenience, any day you want, at your own computer. Study at work, in the office or at home. Students and graduates will receive ongoing support from a local experienced and expert locksmith, and will be able to go to their workshops for advanced study or private tutoring on specific issues.


Who should take this course ?

  • Anyone who wants to get ahead and learn an excellent profession
  • Retirees and ambitious young people who want to work as locksmiths
  • Anyone who wants to earn a second income by providing locksmith services in their area of residence after their regular jobs
  • Anyone who wants professional retraining and to work as a locksmith 24 hours a day (in their area of residence or in neighboring cities)
  • Anyone who has a store and wants to add a sophisticated locksmith services department to increase their product range to customers

 How much can you earn as a locksmith ?


Your future income from locksmith services will vary depending on when and how you provide the services. For example, if you provide locksmith and cylinder replacement services in the customer's home only during specific evening hours, and only advertise by hanging ads in stairwells (the least expensive form of marketing) – you can expect to earn an additional USD 1,100 - USD 1,900 a month.


In contrast, if you provide locksmith services at all hours in your area of residence and in the surrounding areas, and you advertise your services in the Yellow Pages, or by putting magnets on doors and on conduct only advertising, you may reach a monthly income of anywhere between USD 8,100 – USD 16,200 a month. If you open a chain of stores across the country and employ a team of locksmiths, the sky's the limit in terms of potential income.


About me

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Boaz Femson, and I will be your locksmith instructor. I head the International Professional Locksmith Association (IPLA).


I have had my own business and been providing services to customers since 1986.


I have been a professional locksmith for over twenty years and a locksmith instructor for the past twelve. My sales turnover, in just one store in Jerusalem and from locksmith services only, exceeds USD 24,000 per month (and this does not include locksmith courses, manufacturing of entry tools and marketing of locks to stores and other locksmiths).


I can honestly say that you can learn to be a locksmith on your own, but it would take you ten years of independent study (like it to me) to gain the knowledge I have in locksmithing. You would need to pay about USD 189,000 (as I did over the years) and destroy the same things I destroyed…


That is why I am offering you a way to learn the profession for far less than USD 189,000 and in far less than ten years.


An expert is someone who has already made most of his mistakes in his field and knows how to avoid repeating them, saving both time and money. My path to success was also marked by financial disaster. I did start again from zero, but from USD 257,000 in debt. I filed for bankruptcy and started over again exactly twenty-two years ago.


 Developing technology that has entered the locksmith industry has left many veteran key cutters out of work. By failing to keep up with technology, these cutters' knowledge is limited to duplicating regular keys and they are subsequently left behind, because they are unable to provide professional service as all car keys today are fitted with a computer chip (immobilizer).


Every sophisticated lock fitted with a digital or mechanical code needs a professional locksmith who knows how to handle, pick and duplicate the keys. The time is right to acquire the profession. In my course, you will learn both the old and new techniques. You will gain the latest professional knowledge of every lock and key down to the last detail. There is no lock that I am unable to pick, no key that I cannot duplicate or reproduce. I will teach you all the secrets of the trade. You will learn everything that I know to become a top-notch professional locksmith.


How much is a professional locksmith paid to open a locked car? A somewhat unique type of car – e.g. Volkswagen Passat? And rekey a key from the lock? Give me one minute of your time. I guarantee that by the end of the course, you will know how in one simple move to duplicate any key for any car. Regarding the aforementioned car, the Volkswagen Passat, the key with the electronic chip, the cost to you as a locksmith is USD27.00 (if you buy a single key with your locksmith's certificate, but if you buy ten keys for your inventory, the price drops to USD 16.00 per unit).


  First task: Randomly call a local locksmith to find out more:



"Hello. I’d like to receive a quote for service.


I have a 2007 Volkswagen Passat and lost the last key. I don't have a spare. I want to know the price to open the car and create two new keys. How much would this cost me please?


Answer the without hesitation.


He will ask:

The Locksmith – Is the car locked?


You – Yes!!


Locksmith – You don't have any key at all??


You – No.


Locksmith – Is there a car alarm? Do you have a remote control that can be used to open the car??


You – I don't have a remote control. There is no car alarm. We disconnected the alarm last year!!


Locksmith - Where is the car parked? At what address?


You – Give him your home address and just get the price quote!!


If you encountered a locksmith who is not a professional, one who took a quick course at a regular college – he will evade your question (because he doesn't know how to give you reliable answers, and I can't fault him). For example, the answers you receive will be things like "I am too far away. Find another locksmith." Or "this car requires special entry tools." If the locksmith is truly a professional, as you will be once you have completed my course, how much do you think he will ask for the service? Creation of two keys that cost him USD 32.00 and one or two hours of work?? I can tell you right now – you’re wrong. It's about five times what you thought. And I say that he deserves it (as long as he doesn't go overboard). He studied and is a professional and is selling knowledge.


I believe that this is the right time to become a professional locksmith. Up until now, studying the profession proved to be exhausting and expensive. My online course will solve both problems at once – the course is not expensive or exhausting.


How does the course work ?

It is very simple. Within seconds of registering, you will receive a student password and you can begin studying right away, even if it is 4:00 a.m. The system automatically issues you a student password, which you use to enter the study area. You will receive the most closely guarded secrets of the locksmith world. You will learn how to open safes as well as door and car locks. You will receive an email with the password to activate the clip that will professionally and practically teach you how to open a lock, how to repair a lock, how to replace a lock, how to duplicate keys and how to rekey keys for a lock whose keys were lost.


Along with the clip, you will receive course material. The study material is saved on your computer so that you can practice what you have learned. When you complete the first lesson, you will be sent a final exam for the lesson (which includes four questions about the lesson). You will be assigned a small task, e.g. to replace the cylinder in a door in your home, making the course a hands-on course. You will then receive Lesson No. 2, and slowly work your way through the 40 lessons on the way to becoming a professional locksmith in less than three months or several days, depending on how much time you spend per day.


Do I need any special technical abilities?

Absolutely not! I don't know anyone clumsier than I am. If you are capable of holding a screwdriver or drill, and are a type of Handyman, it will be easier. But even if you are not, it will take you only a little more time. If you are capable of operating a microwave, you are technically capable of becoming a locksmith.


Would you like a trial lesson for free to see whether the course is right for you?

Be my guest. Take the first lesson for free. Enter the clip and type in your name and email address so that you can receive a password to view the clip. With the password, enter Lesson No. 1.


What if I don't have much spare time ?

You only need half an hour a day, more or less, to study. The more time you have, obviously, the better to practice what has been taught repeatedly. In the locksmith profession – practice is critical.


How do I obtain professional entry tools?

During the lessons and instructional clip, you will learn how to manufacture entry tools from simple materials that work very well. The materials can be purchased at any hardware store near your home (bicycle spokes, wires with the required diameter, small drills, etc.). However, you can purchase ready-made equipment at highly discounted prices (for our students only) that will be delivered immediately to your home. The equipment includes locks, training cylinders, professional entry tools, etc.


How much does the course cost ?

This is a tremendous revolution!


A limited time offer for the next 8 weeks, the course will cost only $300

buy Locksmith course
There are NO monthly payments or hidden fees

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